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Marian is a 19 year old who attends Florida A&M University where she is pursuing a degree in Sports Business. Her hobbies include watching and playing sports and of course being involved with technology.


Her main two passions for community involvement is to keep our youth involved & helping our youth deal with different types of issues. She has many accomplishments but being promoted to a State Representative of the Black Youth Vote is the most current one.


Since college, one of her BYV involvements was getting college students to vote and register. She provided transportation to students that didn't have a ride in her personal vehicle.


Her plans and aspirations for the future is entrepreneurship as being one of the largest Sports Agent.  She also aspires owning a small business which will eventually expand into a much larger business. One of these businesses will be a plus size clothing brand.


Since the time she went to BYV's Summer Summit with her sister, she knew that this organization was something that she wanted to be a part of!

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